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As some of you know-and as most could figure out from looking at this blog-blue is my favorite color. Indeed it’s one of the few things I have a favorite of. When buying or selecting things, generally speaking if there is a blue one to be had, that’s the one I’m going to pick.

When I first began developing The Universe of the Nine Roads setting, I did a bit of research into colors, physical color theory and the various symbolic meanings of different colors. The symbolism of Blue is quite varied, sometimes even contradictory. For instance it is associated with both happiness (blue skies, bluebirds etc) and sadness (feeling blue, got the blues etc.) Blue is also symbolic of the element Water and to a lesser extent Air, and of ice and cold, depths and heights. It’s associated with truthfulness and veracity and also with calm and serenity and is often considered a “masculine” color especially in terms of infants: blue is for baby boys, pink or red for girls (though according to Wikipedia, it used to be the other way around).  Blue also has an association with magic and mysteries; for instance in popular culture archetypal wizards are often depicted wearing blue robes.

Several Hindu deities and other important beings, such as Vishnu and Shiva are usually depicted as blue-skinned.

Blue is the next-to-last color on the visible spectrum, coming just before Violet and is a “high frequency” color. Despite frequent association with sadness or depression, blue seems to be the most common favorite color. Visually speaking, it appeals to me for its balance…vivid, without being overbearing as many of the low-frequency colors like Red are. And as anyone who knows me will attest, most of Blues symbolic meanings as association are both appealing and fitting for me; hence you find a lot of Blue popping up in my life and my work. That being said, I’ve made a conscious effort not to have all of my “heroes” be blue-favoring, and in the Universe of the Nine Roads, while the Blue Road does contain a lot of positives, like all the Roads it can have a dark side as well.


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So, I have decided, using my mind, to do my own version of the “A to Z” thing that’s been going around. I will probably have to double up some days or something, but anyway I decided it would be interesting to pick something for each letter of the alphabet to post about.

For me, A is for Air, Air as in the Classical Element Air. It’s one of my two favorites of the four,along with Water, the ones with which I most closely identify. As some of you know, I tend to write a good number of air-magic-using characters, especially in The Universe of the Nine Roads, where Air is a part of the Blue Road.

According to Aristotle (who liked to group the Elements by temperature and moisture levels), Air is wet and hot. In Esoteric Tarot, the Element Air is associated with the Swords suite, considered to be masculine and tied to concepts such as the Mind, Communication, Law, Decisiveness, Independence and Discipline.  In many traditions Air is associated with freedom of both body and spirit, travel and movement, wanderlust and a general attitude of not being tied down or restrained.

Air is missing from the Chinese Five Element Wu Xing system of Wood, Metal, Earth, Fire and Water. However, although this system is often referred to in English as the Five Elements, in Chinese thought it is more properly, as I understand it, Five Movements or Phases and is used largely a mnemonic device.

It’s interesting to note that the chief god of several ancient mythologies was an air/sky/storm god, as were several gods who were prominent but not pantheon leaders. These include such worthies as Zeus, Odin, Thor, Indra, Susano-0, Uranus, Nut and others.

In fantasy, particularly role-playing games, magic involving Lightning is often considered Air-magic, since lightning comes from the sky and indeed is often the result of static electricity created within clouds.

I personally identify with Air through its aspects of the mind and thought, communication, freedom and travel. The winds cover all the world, and even beyond our planet there are solar winds that cross interstellar space and “blow” throughout the universe. I’ve also always been fascinated with weather and storms; I love me some windy days. Further, I am something of a talker, and for humans at least it is air that makes our speech possible and carries it to the ears of our listeners.

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