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So its Christmas again. My favorite holiday, my personal New Year, a time very special to me. It can be stressful of course…I work in retail so Christmas day itself I dont have to work, but this time leading up to it has been crazy. However I’ve passed a very pleasant Christmas eve and will soon follow my personal tradition and go watch the 1951 Alistar Sim “A Christmas Carol” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

This has been a good year for me. I’ve made three story sales. I’ve written many stories that I’m happy with, and created the Nine Roads world/magic system. I’ve begun laying groundwork for what will probably be a series of novels. I’ve also made some great new friends and managed to help some of them with some problems with my other, long-unused set of skills. My only wish is that I could have everyone I care for with me at this time but, you can’t have everything.

So instead I want to wish everyone a very merry, happy and safe Christmas…I hope you do have everyone you care for around you.


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Back in October I submitted “Guardian of the Green Node” to the Zombie feed anthology from the special zombie branch of Apex Publications and yesterday while searching around, I discovered that the first flurry of rejections has gone out and anyone that hasn’t received one is in the second round of cuts. I haven’t so apparently I’m there. Very exciting.

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Got an email from the Electric Spec editors, yesterday. They’re holding “The Open Hand” for voting. I won’t know anything till February though. That would be nice however, since Kitsune-tsuki appeared in their Feb 2008 issue.

In other news, since the revisionary part of my mind refuses to function, I think I will start that giant monsters story instead…

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Sooo I just finished “Katja From the Punk Band” a couple of days ago, having enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s written entirely in present tense which I found both slightly disconcerting and extremely refreshing. Probably, and unsurprisingly, the “punkiest” of Simon’s work so far, the book still has many of his other trademarks and much for both we longtime fans and new readers to enjoy.

There’s a whole cast of crazy, intriguing and deeply messed up characters, although only the most central receive full development. The narrative is not always told in chronological order, but the shifts are generally easy to follow, especially once you realize what’s happening. The pace is quick and yet little is resolved until very near the end…and even then, some character’s fates are never really known, and the ending is quite open. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Katja. The short chapters and frequent cliffhangers keep you turning the page, even though you know the next chapter probably won’t contain the resolution of the last cliffhanger, making this a most unique and enjoyable reading experience. I highly recommend it.

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2,000 hits!

The Key of the Twilight has passed 2,000 hits! Yay!

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